Next meet-up: SitP 2014-09-22

Mt View Hotel, Bridge Rd, Richmond.
Image: Mattinbgn / WikiMedia Commons

Our next meet-up is the Melbourne Skeptics in the Pub on Monday 22 September, 2014.

As usual we meet at the Mount View Hotel, 70 Bridge Road in Richmond from 18:00 (6pm) onwards. Find us upstairs in the lounge, grab a meal and a drink as you please, and chat with other freethinkers!

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  • Rantanplan

    Hi fellow freethinkers , quick question, was wondering where n when is the next meeting over few ales and grub please for Nov or Dec please

    Warm regards Mike

    • Hey Mike,
      We meet on the fourth Monday of each month, so here are the next three probable dates:
      27 October 2014
      24 November 2014
      22 December 2014 (Tentative – I am not sure if people will want to do it so close to Christmas, or if the venue will be available. I assume it will be though)

      Hope to see you there!


      • Rantanplan

        Great thanks Ed,

        Thank “God” we have freethinkers with what’s going on around the world and here.
        Quick question please add, my young bloke is 16 and a zealot of an atheist/freethinker like everyone else in the family, is it ok if he can come along to listen & chat over a cuppa tea please?
        My kids with their classroom buddies make up 90% atheist in a Christian Anglican “petrol head” school, it’s encouraging to see that our Aussie kids aren’t succumbing to dogma!!
        Warm regards

        Mike Dixon
        mob: 0452233956

  • Felix Tsung-Hsien Lim

    I am a highly religious cynical free-thinker who is totally opposed to all universial spiritual values that is based on the principles of univerisial divine love, truth , attainment of salvation and divine compassion because all spiritual values that aims and strifes for any divine perfection or any from of moral perfection are only exist in the world of ideals and they cannot be realise and work in the real world . Hence I am completely oppsed to all froms of religious evangelism , universial divine salvation and eternal life and any spiritual pathways of discipleship or apostleship. So I am looking for people who share my cynicism . In todays current affairs, the extreme plority of Islam and the absuses of the christain church and doctrinal divisions within the chirstain church are the best evidence and illustration of my cynicsm . This is and what has led me to the old anglo-calvinist theology that not all can be saved and highly anti-evangelical . Discuss