Perth Zoo hosts an “Animal Dreaming” course

Brochure of Animal Dreaming course

If you’ve got a spare thousand dollars, you might like to spend some of it travelling this weekend to attend this AU$660 course in “Animal Dreaming” at the Perth Zoo.

During this event, you can expect to:

  • Look to the Earth Mother for wisdom, guidance and healing and remember the sacred bond you forged with her at the beginning of time
  • Interpret the messages offered by animals encountered during real-life encounters, dreams and vision
  • Learn how to invoke animal spirits to aid in healing, manifestation, protection, fertility and more
  • Enjoy impromptu readings from Scott
  • Learn about ‘stilling the mind’ and finding your very own ‘Power Spot’
  • Participate in a guided meditative journey to find your Totem / Power Animal
  • Reconnection to the heart essence of Earth Mother herself
  • The sacred act of surrendering, offering thanks and showing gratitude
  • Spiritual coaching and intuitive development that ensure a deeper connection to Spirit, the Earth Mother, your Higher Self and the Life Force in all things
  • Ways to develop intuition and inherent psychic abilities
  • Ways to shed and release your old ‘familiar’ self, and heal, rebirth and activate your inherent creative self
  • Ways to turn FEAR into FERTILITY on ALL LEVELS
  • Techniques to ensure spiritual health and psychic protection for the self, the family and the home / office
  • Ways to realise and embrace your Life Purpose and Personal Power

No mention of getting the course fee refunded if one’s expectations are not met — like, say, the expectation of “Reconnection to the heart essence of Earth Mother herself”.

Why is a zoo giving their facilities over to this scam? Maybe our Perth friends – or any Zoo members – can contact their management and express their opinions.

(credit to The Worst of Perth)

Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends: 1950s spiritualist quackery in Melbourne

image of Bruno Gröning

Bruno Gröning (1906–1959)

I received a pamphlet in the mailbox last night, complete with a slip announcing a monthly “information lecture”, for the “Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends”.

What on Earth is a Germany-based group, devoted to the quack claims of a German mystic in the 1950s, doing active in Melbourne?

During the fifties he sparked interest from the public around the world through extraordinary healing successes and he left behind the knowledge about how to take in a spiritual healing power, the “Heilstrom”. Healings occur today as back then, even of incurable diseases. Numerous medically documented success reports demonstrate the current effects of his teaching.

“A Selection of Five Success Reports” is on one page, which are all personal testimonials (not “medically documented”) about angina, depression, asthma, allergies, migraine, and back pain — nothing about “incurable diseases”, and nothing about medical diagnosis or verification.

The insert announces a schedule of lectures, most in months gone by. But one is coming up this month on 2014-06-13, at East Melbourne Library, 122 George Street, East Melbourne (map).

Would there be value in skeptics going along? We might like to ask questions before the assembled audience and have them answered for everyone to hear; but “information lecture” sounds more like preaching with no opportunity for public Q&A.